Promoting Good Governance

The post of Police & Crime Commissioner is unlike any other post in Britain. The Government failed to ensure appropriate checks and balances are in place – there will be a Police & Crime Panel but its ability to hold the Commissioner in check will be very limited. A Commissioner can be removed if he or she is caught doing something criminal, but if they are just not very good (or even damaging to public confidence and get involved in operational stuff when they are not supposed to), they cannot be removed between elections. They cannot even be stopped from sacking the Chief Constable – even if the Panel is unanimously of the view it would be wrong to do so.

I will adhere to principles of good governance i.e. be accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive and follow the rule of law.

I will regularly involve the Police & Crime Panel in important decisions, not just when I have to and provide information to them on a confidential basis (so long as they are security vetted).

I will stay in regular contact with Labour Party members, through newsletters and attending meetings. I think that Labour Party members have an important role to play in keeping a Labour Commissioner on their toes – and in keeping them informed of whether the Force are living up to the expectations which have been set by the Commissioner.

As Commissioner, I will pledge to serve all the people of North Wales and be clear that I expect the Force to demonstrate absolute impartiality, build trust and confidence through positive relations with local people, focus on persuasion, advice and warning and use physical force only where these fail.


What do you think?

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