Cap mewn llaw / Cap in Hand

Mae’r Sefydliad Bevan wedi paratoi adroddiad ar gyfer Anabledd Cymru yn dangos effaith diwygiadau lles ar bobl anabl yng Nghymru. Mae’r fersiwn Cymraeg ar gael yma: Cap mewn llaw

The Bevan Foundation has prepared a report on behalf of Disability Wales showing the impact of welfare reform on disabled people. The English version is available here: Cap in hand

Beth ddywedodd pleidiau’r glymblaid am hyn cyn yr etholiad diwethaf?

What did the parties of the coalition say about this before the election?


 We will reassess all current claimants of Incapacity Benefit. Those found fit for work will be transferred onto Jobseeker’s Allowance. Recipients of Incapacity Benefit who are genuinely disabled will continue to receive the financial support to which they are entitled (p. 15)

We … have made a pledge to … protect … disability living allowance and attendance allowance (p. 42)

Y Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol / The Liberal Democrats:

Liberal Democrats want to make the tax and benefits system fair, so that everyone, be they young or old, can afford to get by (p. 13)

Reforming Winter Fuel Payments to extend them to all severely disabled people, paid for by delaying age-related Winter Fuel Payments until people reach 65. (p. 18)

 Mae yna hefyd rhestr o’r newididau a’u costau ar tudalen 96 ond does dim byd o gwbl am torri budd-daliadau i’r anabl.

There is also a list of the changes and their costs on page 96 but nothing at all about cutting benefits to the disabled.

 Addewidion wedi’u torri unwaith eto

Broken promises yet again


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