Give my regards to politics…

In recent years I have taken the opportunity to comment on a variety of political issues and to campaign for Labour candidates across North Wales as well as standing for election myself. This will come to an end next week, when I take up a new post as Chief Executive of an organisation giving advice to citizens in North West Wales.

It is an exciting new opportunity, bringing together my desire to help people with my experience of leading organisations. One of the biggest challenges facing many people is making sense of personal finance. I had thought I might make a contribution to this by training as a maths teacher, but I can see that this new opportunity will make better use of my skills and experience.

In my new role, I will be commenting on behalf of the organisation I work for – and therefore it would be confusing and inappropriate if I was making personal comments which might compromise the political impartiality of the organisation. So I won’t be blogging or tweeting in a personal capacity for the foreseeable future.

With best wishes to you all.



2 thoughts on “Give my regards to politics…

  1. Tal

    Congratulations on your new post – you’ll be good for them and – who knows – they may be good for you! Good luck in what you are doing – you will bring vitality and professionalism to the organisation in good measure.

    I smiled at your self-denying ordinance, whereby you are foregoing political comments.
    Tal, I don’t know your complete back-history, but even on MY reckoning this is at least your THIRD political castration. (Doncaster, NWPA and now this)

    Forty years ago, when the Tories of the day were threatening sequestration of Trade Union assets, some wag of the time (Scanlon – I think) quipped that “it sounds painful but they can only do it once !”

    Clearly he was wrong!

    Good luck

    • It wasn’t really that bad! I do think the Widdecombe rules preventing local authority employees from any involvement in politics (and strangely don’t apply to civil servants or teachers) are too harsh – openness and honesty about politics would be more appropriate than banning employees from any involvement. Active citizens should be commended.

      But if you are a spokesperson for an organisation it could be awkward if you also comment in a private capacity so sensible to draw a line.

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