Some more Politics?

I have decided to seek the Labour nomination for Police & Crime Commissioner in the May 2016 election.

Although I don’t agree with the system of having one person deciding on policing across North Wales, the only way to secure a meaningful dialogue with communities and broad agreement on what is important is to elect a Commissioner who wants to ensure this happens.

Four years ago I had to resign from my job in order to stand. This time I have got a non-political job. I will keep the two separate and continue in the job while campaigning in my own time. Let’s see what happens…


One thought on “Some more Politics?

  1. Tal

    Your brave principled sacrifice last time off nearly paid off , thwarted only by the arithmetic of the voting system used for PCC elections.

    There has been dual opacity on the part of the incumbent, firstly over hiding his political affiliations (which are perfectly acceptable but should have been declared) and secondly over his lack of transparency on residence. This has destroyed the impressive image that he had presented to the electorate.

    That said, it does seem a post calling a non-partisan leader, which need not be at odds with standing on a Party ticket.

    Good luck.

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