Why I am standing for Police and Crime Commissioner

Crime and policing are too important to leave in the hands of one person. As Police & Crime Commissioner for North Wales, I would take the old Welsh saying “A fo ben bid bont” – “to lead be a bridge” as my starting point.

I would set clear priorities: the victims who most need help, preventing crime, reducing reoffending and learning from mistakes. I would regularly hold public meetings across North Wales and arranging “walkabouts” with elected representatives, local police officers and Community Support Officers, particularly in the top 100 hot spots each year to ensure good engagement with communities and to review progress.

I have worked at a senior level in local government and the voluntary sector, always focused on improving services through partnership and co-operation both within and across organisations. As Chief Executive of North Wales Police Authority I saw that the new post would require someone with integrity to build a consensus with communities. So I resigned to put myself forward as the Labour candidate. Unfortunately more people actively boycotted that election than voted in it. Whilst I understand their sentiment, the system is here for the next two terms so we need to persuade people to elect a progressive Commissioner who will make a positive difference.

I work in Caernarfon and live in Rhos on Sea. I am Secretary of Clwyd West Constituency Labour Party, Chair of North & Mid Wales Co-operative Party. I was Labour’s Candidate in the 2013 Ynys Môn Assembly By-Election. I have regularly campaigned for Labour across North Wales and will do so for the elections in May – whether selected as our PCC candidate or not.

I am delighted to have the support of the Co-operative Party and if selected will stand as a joint Labour and Co-operative Party candidate.


What do you think?

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