On the shortlist…

Good to hear that I am on the shortlist to be the Labour Party’s candidate for North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner. Completely different from last time – four years ago I had to resign from my job to stand and I was busy contacting members – letters, emails and phone calls. This time the candidates aren’t allowed the details of members. If someone else gave the list to me, or if I had the information for another purpose, it would be a breach of data protection to use it – something rather inappropriate in this role!

I am looking forward to addressing meetings of members in each constituency over the next fortnight and happy to answer any questions before then…


3 thoughts on “On the shortlist…

  1. Tal – As you have yet to be selected, this Q may be premature, but IF selected, what plans do you have for public meetings during the campaign, other than any church/charity inspired hustings for all candidates?

    • Thanks Chris. As you know, last time I put a lot of effort into encouraging various community organisations into arranging hustings and a few did but attendance was poor. Unfortunately this election is likely to be overshadowed by the Assembly election. I hope that the media will devote some time to informing the public about this election as well and if there are groups who want to invite the candidates, then if I am selected I will certainly respond positively!

      • Thanks, Tal. I take your point that the PCC elections are competing with the Assembly elections this time. Another factor is that the ‘novelty’ of last time’s round of PCC elections is missing. Good luck in raising awareness.

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