Addewidion Llafur Cymru / Welsh Labour pledges



One thought on “Addewidion Llafur Cymru / Welsh Labour pledges

  1. The pledges are commendable, and even though they are very ambitious, it’s reasonable to assume that a Party already in power would not make them lightly, and so they are certainly well up from ‘whistling in the dark’

    So far, so good. But Welsh governance since 1999 sets few of us alight. Free prescriptions and free hospital parking are the clearest distinction between Wales and England, but regardless of the merits of these, the ‘give-away’ stuff is the easy stuff.

    The ‘slog-stuff’ is delivering services that are the best they can be, for the money available.

    The over-arching image of Welsh governance in the two ‘biggies’ – health and education – is that we lag, not lead.

    Crack that, and people will be drawn to Welsh Labour as the Scots have been mesmerised by SNP.

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