Responding to Brexit

This is the text of the motion agreed unanimously by my branch (Colwyn Bay). We don’t know whether it will be eligible as a contemporary motion for Conference – that depends on whether the National Policy Forum puts something forward in the next couple of weeks.

But I hope that in between planning for a leadership election someone is thinking along similar lines:

Conference notes the UK referendum result on membership of the European Union.  Conference believes that unless this result is overturned by the courts it must be respected and the UK will need to withdraw from formal involvement in the European Parliament, Council of Ministers and European Commission

Conference further believes that before Article 50 is invoked Parliament should agree a vision for how the UK will function outside the European Union which should reflect:

  • an open, tolerant society with the UK continuing to cooperate with European institutions, the United Nations, the Commonwealth and other international bodies to secure peace, freedom, democracy, economic security and environmental protection.
  • The freedom to live and work anywhere in Europe and to have protection for terms and conditions of employment is all the more essential when the economy is in the doldrums – but concerted action to help weaker regions is also essential to avoid excessive migration
  • People from elsewhere in the EU currently living in the UK should beable to stay here, and UK citizens currently living elsewhere in the EU should be able to stay there.
  • Areas of the country and members of our communities that have suffered as a result of globalisation need the support of Government to ensure they have a chance to thrive – including action to ensure local people are able to access local jobs
  • With long term interest rates continuing to be close to zero, there has never been a better time for public infrastructure investment to boost our economy

What do you think?

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