Tal is the only candidate with support right across North Wales, from Wrexham to Holyhead

Albert Owen, MP. for Ynys Môn“It is vital to attract votes right across North Wales from East to West to win the Police and Crime Commissioner’s election.  Tal has the knowledge, the experience and the skills to do this and deliver for communities in North Wales.”

Ann Jones, Assembly Member for the Vale of Clwyd
“I’ve seen Tal’s ability through his work as Chief Executive of the Police Authority and had no hesitation in offering my support when he told me that he wanted to fight this election for Labour. He genuinely understands the issues of social justice and police governance and has the energy and commitment to win this election for Labour”.

Malcolm King OBE, Wrexham Councillor
“I have been privileged to chair many local, regional and national police authority organisations over the last fifteen years. Although much of Tal’s extensive public service experience has been in local government, he very quickly established himself as one of the two leading Police Authority Chief Executives in England & Wales. He is extremely able and utterly trustworthy. Personally he is kind, witty and thoughtful and his Labour roots run deep. He deserves our support.”

Betty Williams, former MP for Conwy
“I am aware of Tal’s work in ensuring victims of domestic violence are supported. He told me about Amethyst, the Sexual Assault Referral Centre.  With the support of other agencies, it is now possible to talk things through with a crisis worker and secure evidence before deciding whether to go to the police. Tal is the right person for this important job.”

Cllr  John Chorlton, 
Labour Group Leader, Ynys Môn
“I’m supporting Tal for Police Commissioner because I believe that he is the only candidate with the wealth of experience needed to put this new and important post on the right road for a successful outcome.”
Cllr Joan Butterfield,
Labour Group Leader, Denbighshire
“Tal came and helped with our campaign. We got a fantastic result. I know Tal will work closely with councillors across North Wales. I am supporting him for this important post.”

Gareth Thomas, former MP for Clwyd West
“I support Tal because he is the candidate with the best chance of winning for Labour. Labour can only win this tight contest if it has a candidate with the broadest possible appeal. Obviously we have to secure the support of our loyal supporters in strong Labour areas. But that is not enough. We have to go beyond our core vote and get support from all parts of North Wales particularly Welsh speaking communities. I believe Tal can do this.”

Cllr Jean Stubbs, Abergele/Pensarn, Conwy – Labour gain
“Tal’s commitment and hard work were vital in getting me elected this May. His whole family were out helping on election day and ensured a fantastic win for Labour.”

Crispin Jones, Clwyd West
CLP Secretary and 2011 Assembly Candidate
“I am not a fan of having a PCC – who is? But given its implementation, it is critically important the role is held by a community-focused professional with experience. Tal is the clear choice for this role and has my every support.”
Cllr David Gwynfor Edwards, Deiniol, Bangor  – Labour gain
“We really appreciated Tal’s help with our campaign. His knowledge and ability to communicate with people on the doorstep was invaluable, including answering difficult questions, both in English ac yn Gymraeg”

Cllr Sara Allardice, Conwy ward, Conwy – Labour gain
“I really appreciated Tal’s help in winning Conwy for Labour. We talked about the Fawcett report on issues affecting women in the criminal justice system. Tal understands what needs to be done. He is the ideal person for this job.”

Ray Prescott, Chair of Clwyd South Constituency Labour Party
“I readily endorse Tal Michael as the Labour Party’s candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales.  His experience, personal qualities and Socialist ideals make him a credible candidate for this role. His recent post of Chief Executive of the North Wales Police Authority gives him a head start to ensure that Policing will be more responsive to the needs of all communities across North Wales. He deserves our support.”

Mary Auty, Labour candidate for Greenfield ward, Flintshire

“I read the leaflet from Tal. I thought his campaigning messages were spot on. He spent hours campaigning for me in the pouring rain. I am sure he will make an excellent candidate”

Guto Davies, Ynys Môn Labour Youth Officer

On 15 November 2012, for the first time ever, the public across England and Wales will elect a police and crime commissioner who will be accountable for how crime is tackled in their police force areas. Tal Michael not only has the experience, but has the attitude to represent people of all ages as a very successful commissioner. Although I have only met Mr Michael the once, his knowledge and empathy with the younger generation was influential in my decision to support him. His attitude, and past performance is just an insight into the hard work Tal will do to ensure all people in the community are represented in the right manner.

To find out more about Ynys Môn Young Labour click here.

Also supporting Tal to be Labour’s candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner

Cllr Chris Hughes, Leader of the Labour Group on Conwy County Council

Alan Pritchard, Chair of Arfon Constituency Labour Party

Daryl Williams, Chair of Clwyd West Constituency Labour Party

Cllr Krista Murphy, Coedpoeth, Wrexham

Cllr Ian David Bithell, Stansty, Wrexham

Cllr Dana Davies, Ruabon, Wrexham

Cllr Dylan Jones, Amlwch, Ynys Môn

Cllr Gareth Sandilands, Denbighshire County and Town Council – Prestatyn South West

Cllr Deion Smith, Llysfaen, Conwy

Joe Lock, Ynys Môn Assembly Candidate 2011

Pat Williams, Labour candidate for Smithfield, Wrexham

Ian Scott, Labour candidate for Llandrillo yn Rhos, Conwy

David Phillips, North Wales Regional Assembly candidate, 2011

To add your endorsement of Tal to this page, use the comments box below or email info@talmichael.net


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