Let’s elect a Labour Police & Crime Commissioner for North Wales

I ddarllen y neges yma yn Gymraeg cliciwch yma.

Winston Roddick – so called independent – has done very little and has been virtually invisible since the election in November 2012. In that election I came very close to winning – despite a very low turnout amid opposition to the idea of having a Commissioner. We need to have a clear message to Labour voters who oppose the system that by voting for a Labour Commissioner they won’t be politicising policing, but voting for someone with a serious track record of managing public services, who has integrity and will focus on improving services through partnership and co-operation.

This election will be very different from last time. Why?

  • Labour voters will be going to the polls anyway to vote for our Assembly candidates. If we include information about our candidate for Commissioner in our leaflets and talk to voters about it on the doorstep, we can convince most of them to vote Labour in this election as well as for the Assembly
  • Plaid Cymru are standing a candidate, which is bound to undermine the core vote of Winston Roddick in the West
  • The Tories will be fighting a formidable campaign and it will be between Labour and Conservative for largest share of the vote across North Wales.

But although we stand a good chance of topping the poll, winning this election will require a candidate who has the credibility to win second preferences. Again – this means demonstrating a serious track record.

That is why I am putting myself forward again – and why I am asking you for your support. I don’t need this election. I am lucky enough to have a great job as Chief Executive of a voluntary organisation providing the citizens of North West Wales with advice when they need it the most. But I can see that the best chance of electing a progressive commissioner is if I am the Labour candidate. And it is only by electing a progressive Commissioner that we can move away from having “a person who makes all the decisions about policing” to an inclusive system, where the Commissioner builds a consensus on what needs to be done by bringing together communities and professional police officers.

I am proud to have the support of the Co-operative Party and if selected will stand as a Labour and Co-operative candidate.

In this selection the candidates are not allowed access to the Labour Party membership list. I will be grateful to you if you are willing to spread the word to other members and encourage them to come to the relevant selection meeting:

Aberconwy & Clwyd West (Joint Meeting) Tuesday 09/02/2016   7:30pm
Llandudno Junction Labour Club

Arfon    Thursday 11/02/2016 7pm   Caernarfon Town Council, Menai Room LL55 1AT

Clwyd South & Wrexham (Joint Meeting) Friday 12/02/2016   7pm
Maesgwyn Community Centre, Lilac Way, Wrexham  LL11 2BB

The system is that each CLP will have one vote and then whoever get a majority of the ten wins. Members need to be present at the beginning of the meeting in order to vote. Only members who joined by 20 April 2015 are eligible, although more recent members may observe.

Please feel free to get in touch by writing a comment below or using the contact information in the information sheet:

Information sheet for members


What do you think?

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